Safe printing

We have the license of Service of Technological Security of State Documents to produce biometric passports, electronic identity cards, securities, blank documents, postal wrappers, official signs of marking.

Safe printing

Security printing is the queen of the printing industry. State-of-the-art technologies are employed and the best specialists in the field work here; the highest business standards and ultimate confidentiality are required. Only then may a printing business, capable of preventing the forgery of documents and guaranteeing state security and a peaceful life for its citizens, be called a reliable partner. Personal ID cards and related systems

Since 2007, we have produced electronic ID cards with either contact or non-contact chips, fully meeting ID-1 documents and ICAO requirements. Working together with our partners, we offer data solutions, equipment for data collection, the issuing of ID card forms and the production of ID cards.

Passports and related systems

We produce different passport books and biometric passports which fully meet ICAO requirements. In biometric passports, chips can be integrated both into the cover and data pages. Working together with our partners, we offer data solutions, equipment for data collection, the issuing of passport ID forms and the production of passports.

Driver’s licenses

The latest plastic card production equipment and technologies available to the company have enabled us to produce them while meeting the requirements for such cards in full, facilitating the integration of different security elements tailored to the individual customer’s needs.

Vehicle registration documents

We also produce Lithuanian road vehicle registration certificates with a number of elements which protect the documents against forgery. This is one of the most sophisticated products of the company.

Road vignettes

As requested by the Lithuanian Road Authority, we produce road vignettes in which a unique security element, latentogram, has been implemented. Latentogram is a hidden image which becomes visible only through a special polarized glass.

Tax stickers

Tax stickers for alcohol and tobacco products printed by Lodvila are protected by different security elements.

Tickets for special events

We also produce paper and plastic tickets for special events, with the integration of different security elements as requested by the customer.

Lottery tickets

The company is the only printing house in Lithuania which produces lottery tickets with a rub-off layer. Based on the design and lottery descriptions provided by the customer, we have generated a lottery ticket database and printed lottery tickets with a rub-off layer.

Transportation tickets

We produce paper, plastic and electronic transportation tickets.

PIN envelopes

We print multi-layered PIN envelopes for banks, mobile communication operators and state authorities. The envelopes are protected against reading the enclosed information without opening the envelope first.